The Ballet of the Umbrellas and the Dance of the Red Scarf in St. Petersburg

Rain in Saint Petersburg teaches you the art of the nimble umbrella on a crowded street on the way to the great Hermitage. Each city seems to have its own special way of walking its streets. Do you go high, go sideways , go low with your own umbrella as a stream of umbrellas comes toward you like a regiment of Peter the Great’s cavalry…at this marshy place where he said “Build… Read More

Floating with Chagall

From our 14 th floor balcony where Mark and I share a Zatecky Gus, a Russian beer, each night, we look over the onion dome of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior and the crenelated walls of the Kremlin which remain lighted through the evening. We seem to float above this city of so many palimpsests of time and ideology and their dialectic of idealism and materialism, love and cruelty, remembering and… Read More

Shaw’s first moment in Red Square

Waiting to see Lenin’s tomb as I sat in Red Square….Gum department store behind me The Kremlin in front …onion domes all over and a huge spectacle stage to the left…all of a sudden the song “Never can say goodbye!” Comes over the loud speaker blasting while I got in line to see Lenin’s embalmed (?) body! Who could invent this world!!!!